People in my Neighborhood

It’s been nearly a year since we landed in Savannah, leaving our Euro gypsy feet behind. And while it took us awhile to find our groove (and a place to live), it didn’t take long to meet the characters of this charming Southern town.

The first month we were here happened to be “music fest month” and we volunteered with both Stopover and A-Town Get Down, sparking one of a handful of articles I wrote for South Magazine. 

With our first few months and experiences out of the way, and well into my third trimester, I started writing for Do Savannah, the Thursday arts and entertainment pull out section of the Savannah Morning News, and with it words, photography and community collided. 

That is where I met the People in my Neighborhood. 

People in my neighborhood: Act 1
Clinton let me throw things at his head during our shoot, and he opened a rad used art supply shop down the street. 2 for 2, this guy. 

People in my neighborhood: Act 2
Albert is one of the formidable forces behind the Thomas Square Edible Park. And he’s damn quotable, too: “We have faith that the seed knows just what to do. All we do is plant it.” (Get it?)

People in my Neighborhood: Act 3
Yoga, meditation and art - the trifecta of Maggie Hayes.

People in my Neighborhood: Act 4
I didn’t get to photograph Panhandle Slimbut was honored to talk to him about his latest project painting tribute portraits of the Emanuel Nine. I am grateful to be surrounded by a community of such talented and loving folks.

People in my Neighborhood: Act 5
Miggs and KNife are just underground of the underground scene.

People in my Neighborhood: Act 6
Join in on the conversation with Emergent Savannah because Monday means Community. 

People in my Neighborhood: Act 7 
Matthew, the man in white, wants to move you will sound. Let him. 

 People in my Neighborhood: Act 8
Mary Contrary's garden grows with tasseled maidens all in a row. 
People in my Neighborhood: Act 9
Sweet Caroline: You can take the girl out of Deutschland but you can’t take Deutschland out of the girl. 

People in my neighborhood: Act 10: 
The kids of DEEP
I was fortunate to volunteer with DEEP, an amazingly creative after-school program encouraging the written word. My job was minimal – taking “author” photos of the students at a few of the schools around town. As a respite from pictures of my kiddo, and as a reminder that I am, in fact, a photographer, here’s a few shots. 

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  1. Molly, your mirror reflects vibrance...beat...sass...and joy wherever you go. Sure wish you were still in my neighborhood.❤️