Türkei for Thanksgiving

It's snowing! Today we awoke to precipitation falling from the clouds in the form of bittersweet ice crystals. A white blanket covers the ground, the backdrop of nature is a cool gray and the chill in the air refuses to subside.

As cozy as a big Thanksgiving dinner filled with copious amounts of food, laziness, and random games of kickball sounds in this wintry weather, Jeremy and I have decided on a different kind of turkey this year – the arid country in southeastern Europe, or Asia, depending.

Tomorrow we will have tossed the gloves, scarves and burly jackets momentarily aside for some beach, sun, pine nuts and dolma.

We’re giving a new meaning to the Thanksgiving bird this holiday season, and perhaps starting our own family tradition. For that, we are thankful.

Gobble gobble.


ketchup or catsup?

I grew up on ketchup, but have recently come around to appreciate the more refined taste of catsup. 

In this case, though, since we’ve been awol from the blog for so long, I’ll go with option 3: catch-up (condiments are for sailors). And even though some of these events warrant their own post, nothing beats the efficiency of a poem:

In anticipation of celebrating a marriage from two centuries ago,
We strapped on our trachten and gave it a go.
Along with our family, Tad and Jeb were there,
The latter of whom went home sans underwear.

Before Oktoberfest passed, there was more fun to be had,
Though our progress learning German is a little bit sad.
Still, after so many events in what seemed a short span
We celebrated our one-year anniversary of living in Deutschland.

Next in the line, the circus came to town,
With all its twirling, twisting and galavanting around.
Men walked a tightrope and women pranced with horses
While others balanced balls and centrifugal forces.

Then late in October, we left our frigid home
For a wedding celebration in an Orlando dome
After 23 years ol’ Marge was married again,
And we welcomed a brand new family member, Mr. Ken.

So off we all whisked for a weeklong cruise
With slides, sun and sand, and too many foods.
Then visited the fam and the St. Louis scene
And romped with pirates, ghosts and ghouls for Halloween.

A 10-hour flight later, our trip was kaput
So it was back to the routine, work was a-foot.
For our Veterans Day gig, 
ESPN set the stage
And the buddymollys T-shirts were all the rage 
(though none of them sold).

And now as Thanksgiving begins to draw near,
We’re grateful for family and friends we’ve made here.
But for this holiday, we’ll be wearing summer clothes, reading books, maybe knitting 
And heading off to a place that couldn’t be more fitting …