An Ode to Notable Christmas Gifts

'Twas the night before Christmas and we tore it up
the four of us comfy with scotch in our cups

We waited and waited
for black santa to come
and grant us some goodies
for long winter fun

We gathered 'round the tree to share in our thrift
To score useful items, and then to regift

I was ├╝ber excited with books from mental floss
and the sentiments inside on me were not lost

I then passed to Jerome love through anime
with a handmade flipbook of childhood play

We jammed on ukuleles and laughed as we danced
and Todd learned he was "super" with one fluid glance

'Twas a joyous occasion
and a night to remember
for Christmas with friends
gets as toasty as ember

And even though our families
were far, far away
between skype and long-opened gifts, in our hearts they did stay

On that cold night,
we in a holiday cuddle
drifted off to dreamland, our thoughts all a-muddle

And when morning came, we awoke not in clover
For Santa had brought us each a Christmas hangover


Believe the skype

The holidays are here and in an effort to get in better touch with our families and friends around the world, we’re creating a nerdy, online version of a regular calendar.

It’s the buddymollys skype date calendar! 

Here’s how it works:

For the next few weeks we’re going to be “available” during a few specified times (For example: Sundays & Mondays from 9-11 p.m. our time, so 3-5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time).

If you want to chat, let us know. We’ll invite you to our google calendar and you can see what times we’re going to be around, sign up, and it’s a date!

For those of you who don’t have a webcam, we can also make it a telephone date, but we’re going to encourage you to join the 21st century before it’s too late.

Hope to see you on a computer screen near us soon!


The end of a fang-free era

For the first time ever -  I was ferociously bitten by a dog. A seemingly-kind-tail-wagging kinda dog. A dog that ran up to me, smiled, allowed me to pet him then turned on me like a rabid ... dog. (As an aside, the dog does not have rabies.)

The incident was quick, painful and slightly bloody. My ego bruised in a similar manner as my stomach.

I pride myself on being loved by canine companions. I'm a "dog" person; I know the rules - let the dog sniff your hand, proceed with pets.

This incident hasn't wavered my love of barking ones, nor created fear of all things furry; but I have changed a certain pet's name to Cujo, much to the chagrin of his owners.

On a positive note, it looks as if I'll have a pretty badass scar. Score.


A Christmas Tale


Fun time holiday shoot with Jeff and Todd last weekend. 
We all learned a few valuable lessons ...


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Nobody's business but the Turks

Turkey is quickly becoming one of our favorite countries, and we could think of no better place to be “thankful” and warm during the Thanksgiving holiday.

So we missed the traditional outing of family and friends along with gorging ourselves on food and falling asleep in the upright position, but we did make new friends, soaked in the sun, walked on the beach, played a dizzying amount of backgammon and later gorged ourselves on food and fell asleep in the upright position.

This was our second trip to Turkey and this time we found ourselves in the resort town of Alanya on the southern coast, just north of Cyprus. Our hotel hosts warmly greeted Jeremy and me, and as the rain poured down on our first day, a band of locals taught us new ways to play backgammon and improve our success rate. (Their advice? Be bold! Take out that guy in your home even though it leaves you vulnerable.) At one point, our gracious host Tolga was literally sitting in Jeremy’s lap rolling the dice for him.

The next three days were sunny and beautiful. Although the ocean was a tad too cold for swimming, we did take a bus trip to boat around the Green Canyon, poked through various shops (fake Adidas sweat suits for 10 euros! They looked so real …) and later indulged in a traditional Turkish bath.

The Turkish bath is not for the meek. You are buck naked on a slab of marble as men throw buckets of soapy water on you and scrub you down violently, but with care, as if you were in a human car wash. (Get the dirt off, but don’t scratch it). You then follow with a facemask and massage.

I have yet to decide, but I’m pretty sure I was violated during the procedure. Jeremy refused comment about his massage.

Regardless, the experience left us relaxed and cleaner than we have ever been. Although these type of bathhouses are everywhere in Germany – it’s nothing like the tradition of Turkey, and none are given like the Turks. There is something very special about the country.

I think the allure lies in its social and religious tolerance. The Ottoman Empire promoted religious tolerance and it continues today. Peace talks between various countries often take place in Turkey. It’s a hodgepodge of cultural experience. Not to mention its coastline is breathtakingly beautiful. (And Turkish delights are damn delicious).

From the food to the fashion to the openness and personal nature of its people, Turkey has the best of all its surrounding influences. Imagine Europe, Asia and the Middle East having an orgy – Turkey would be their love child.