Back (B)log

It’s been a while since words have graced the pages of the buddymollys blog. With no excuses really, two-thirds of our family are writers. (Sky’s lack of opposable thumbs makes it quite difficult for her, although she is very articulate.)

To catch you up, Jeremy and I returned home from an epic journey to Dublin, Northern Ireland and London, ending in Cambridge for a Folk Festival a few short weeks ago. Details of said trip to come in a later entry … (next one, promise!)

Upon our arrival back to Deutschland, we were devastated to find that summer had disappeared. (Damn it! And may I add, really?! It’s August! I should not be wearing a bomber jacket!)

A week later, I traveled to my hometown, St. Louis, where summer was still in full effect. (It was knock-the-wind-outta-you hot and I couldn’t be happier. Bomber jacket momentarily tossed aside.)

I feel like I’ve been on the move for the past month, mainly because I have. But in that time I’ve been blessed with music, culture, family time, a few waves, friends – new and old, and that tingle in your tummy that only comes from travel.

There is something very comforting in waking up, squinting and searching your brain to figure out what country you are in.

Then again, sometimes we travel to our own world, unrecognizable to even us.

Life is that good ...