a boooooddymollys halloween

The weekend was full of ghoulish good times as the buddymollys celebrated Halloween. And as an homage to our literary nerd selves, we thought it appropriate to dress up as a double entendre this year.

So we present to you, dear blog readers, Frau Blanks and the hitman.  A free treat comes to those who can guess our trick ...


Alles Gute zum Sky's Geburstag

Our faithful friend, travel partner, Houdini escape artist and loyal ankle biter turned 9 today, and in honor of her wild, very full 60+ dog years on earth, we thought it appropriate to take a trip down memory lane and relive all the places she's been and roles she's played.

Woodland explorer

High flyer


Punk rocker

Cold-blooded killa

Here's to 60 more years of livin' the dream. 


Local man celebrates birthday without cake

By Jerome Buttersworth 
buddymollys Bavarian Bureau 

VIENNA, Austria -- In what Bavarian doctors have called a split-second shift in the earth’s gravitational forces, buddymollys front woman Molly Hayden slipped and struck her right ankle while attempting to pounce on a rapidly moving, inclined conveyor belt at Munich’s Oktoberfest celebration, Wednesday evening.

Witnesses at the scene said the three maß beers in a two-hour span did not contribute to Hayden’s fall, but did enable her to walk around for another hour without realizing the damage done to said ankle.

No foul play is suspected by the conveyor belt operator.

Hayden’s injury resulted in the loss of her mobility for the next several days but it did not impact her ability to plan a “kick-ass” mystery birthday weekend for back-up vocalist and rhythm section bandmate Jeremy Buddemeier.

Buddemeier was surprised at least twice that weekend, the first of which occurred when several friends convened at a “random” Indian restaurant in Regensburg, which is about an hour’s drive south of Weiden in der Oberpfalz.

“Ah man, you got me good!” Buddemeier said.

The following day, the buddymollys took to the open road for a weekend in Vienna.

Holed up in a suite at the circus-themed 25hour hotel, Buddemeier staved off a few painful flashbacks from his years growing up in Gibsonton, Fla., which still has its share of carnival folk flavor. (Despite the hotel’s festive “big top” décor, no circus lunch was served.)

The pair enjoyed the sights, drank deeply of the city’s infamous café culture and caught an opera, all at a leisurely pace of a couple twice their age.

In the end, Buddemeier said he was bowled over by his mystery birthday weekend, but the rich experiences and good times he had with his frau were no surprise at all.