The Draw of 2010: Part 4 of 4

As 2011 draws to a near, we should finally (finally!) wrap up the last segment of "The Draw of 2010" and reminisce about what we were doing this time last year.

It’s been months and months since we published the first, second and third segments, so let’s recap: after each month ended last year, Jeremy and I would draw a memorable moment in solitude and then reveal to each other the finished product, a task that often ended in giggles and nudity. The drawing would then be forever embedded in our 2010 calendar.  

The drawings below represent the last part of our first full year in Germany – Jeremy’s drawing appear on the left, mine on the right. 

October: Last October we traveled back to the States to marry off Jeremy’s mom Marge and shanghai her honeymoon. Both drawings show a day in the life of a Caribbean cruise. Jeremy’s drawing is our daily travels on a rickshaw on the island of St. Thomas and mine describes our beach dwelling on the island of Nassau where we were visited by a giant manta ray – an amazing sight to see. 

November: In early November we spend a few days in my hometown of St. Louis to visit family before traveling back to the cold Euro-winter. I drew a tribute to my grandma June as I was lucky to enough to visit with Gram often in the few short days we were there – a visit that would come to be my last.
Later in the month, we went to Turkey for Thanksgiving (teeheehee). Jeremy’s drawing depicts our boat ride through the Green Canyon near the town of Alanya. 

December: We spent the final month of 2010 in the cold winter that abounds Germany in December, but we embraced it, as best as ones can when they still live in Hawaii in their minds. On Christmas day, a group of us sought holiday refuge at a small ski lift in a little Bavarian town close to home. From left to right: Momo, Kai, Marina, me, Jeremy, Jeb and Tad bringing up the rear.
For New Year’s Eve, Jeb, Tad, Jeremy and I took the train to New Ulm to visit StevenHausen Hausen (my old roomie in Hawaii) and partake in what would be a debaucherous evening. I’d write about it, but whatever happens in New Ulm, unfortunately stays in New Ulm.

And that concludes the year that was 2010. It was a year of firsts, a year full of adventure, and thanks to our creative doodling, a year we will never forget.