Women's World Cup in 21 photos or less

We went on a road trip with bobble-head Obama at the helm. 
First stop, Frankfurt to meet J.R., Kiki and Cassy.
We watched U.S. play Columbia in Sinsheim.
We won. Woot Woot.
Then we went to St. Goar.
We rode bikes ...
and drank beer ...
and wine.
Then we said good bye to the cute little town and headed towards Wolfsburg.
But on the autobahn we got a flat tire.
 I did not like this.
We still made it to the U.S. vs. Sweden game though.
But not before a few drinks with the locals.
We may have been intoxicated upon our arrival. And we may have lost the game. (although those two incidents are most likely unrelated.)
The next day we drove to Berlin ...
where we picked up a Courtney and eventually said good-bye to Kiki, Cassy and J.R.
The three of us remaining went to Dresden.
We saw fireworks.
And scored tickets to the U.S. vs. Brazil game.
It was EPIC. We won. You probably know that by now.
Then we drove home, with fond memories, a rusty spare tire and more patriotism than we know what to do with. Jeremy still hasn't washed his lucky red soccer socks. Perhaps after tonight's game - U.S. vs. Japan in the finals. This is the big one.
And as we won't be there in person, we will be watching, with the lucky red socks on, of course.


And the winner is ....

We have completed our epic road trip, and epic it was, but more on that later, let's get to the important stuff.

When arriving home last night, our speedometer read 1,704 kilometers making B. (muthr$&@n) A. Barracus the winner of the first ever buddymollys kilometer challenge. Allison! come on down! (or rather check your mail soon for a special gift.)

And although Price is Right rules did apply, being as Laci was only over by 15 kilometers - we're sending her a consolation prize. Just think Laci, had you been 15 under, you could be reaching into Bob Barker's pocket right now for a crisp 100 dollar bill.

Stay tuned for the fun and madness that was 10 days on the road for the Women's World Cup extravaganza.