You're my boy, Blu!

So, yeah, we had a baby, which is why this blog hasn’t been updated in a few months. Babies are time consuming little humans. They keep you up all night, pee in your face, throw up on your freshly laundered shirt (which you had to wash prematurely because they threw up on it) and sleep the only hours of the day you cannot. 

Then they lay their head on your shoulder or smile at you unprovoked or do something so unbelievably cute that you just sigh and whisper: “You little a-hole. I couldn’t love you more.”

Anyway, here’s our Oscar Blu, born July 23rd, weighing in at a hefty 8’10, 21 inches long. In the 2 plus months he’s been here, we’ve learned that he, like his parents, has some promising Gypsy feet. He loves being out and about and gets bored easily. He’s not a sleeper, which we attribute to his desire to make sure he doesn’t miss anything in this brand new world. He’s been bright-eyed since birth.

And yes, every cliché and stereotypical thing that new parents say about falling in love at first sight is true – so let me just gush for a moment. Jeremy and I are totally in love with our little dude. He’s perfect, even when he’s not. Even when he’s a little a-hole.


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